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Multimedia editor, journalist and producer based in San Francisco.

I’m a multimedia editor, journalist and producer


OTHER PUBLICATIONS AND CLIENTS INCLUDE: PBS, Fusion, VICE Media, Splinter News, Tiny Atlas Quarterly, Bay Area News Group, East Bay Express and NPR



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Meet the Activists Getting Asian Americans to Smoke More Weed

Despite the legalization of recreational cannabis use in California last November, cannabis remains heavily stigmatized in the Asian American community. In a 2016 UC-Berkeley poll of California voters, 64% of respondents favored legalization—but only 58% percent of Asian Americans included in the poll voiced their support.


Wojciech: Chemist, Ph.D. Candidate and H-1B Applicant

Wojciech grew up in Warsaw, Poland and immigrated to the U.S. to attend college. With the help of an F-1 visa and scholarships, he was able to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry. Wojciech and his fiancée Pratima are both about to graduate with Ph.D.’s from UC Berkeley. He hopes to address the problem of climate change through his work, but with the current backlog to obtain an H-1B visa, Wojciech is unsure if he will have the long-term ability to live, work and support his family in the U.S.


Undocumented Youth Tell Their Stories on Instagram

If you're like most people, your Instagram feed is populated with food, vacations, selfies and cats. And then there's the Undocumented Lives account - containing, as an example, a photograph of a 19-year-old named Bismark standing in front of a college building with a stare at once hopeful and apprehensive. The caption shares that Bismark crossed the U.S.-Mexico border at 17 years old.


Jose: DACA Recipient and Software Engineer

Jose, a DACA recipient, grew up in the Salinas Valley, California. With his parent’s support, part-time jobs, grants, scholarships and state financial aid, he was able to graduate from college. Jose is now a software engineer in San Francisco, and leads a nonprofit to recruit more immigrants into tech. If DACA were repealed, he would no longer be able to work or give back to his community. Jose and 700,000 other young immigrants are now waiting to hear whether the Supreme Court will rule upon DACA in the upcoming term.


Obama Gave These Kids DACA. Here’s How They Plan to Survive

On Tuesday morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced President Trump’s decision to terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program that protects 800,000 undocumented youth from deportation and allows them to apply for work permits. Congress has six months to come up with a replacement plan before their DACA expires.


Yarely: Computer Scientist and DACA Recipient

A DACA recipient, Yarely is the first in her family to pursue higher education. Thanks to her parents, she was able to go to college and earn a degree in computer science. She is now a software engineer with a tech company, and lives near her family in the Salinas Valley, California. Without DACA, Yarely could no longer work or help with her family's expenses. In recent months, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a nationwide injunction which has, for now, blocked the White House from rescinding the DACA program.